Unproductive Vs Productive Activities

I hope all of you are putting together a solid marketing plan. I know it seems to be the same song and dance year after year, but what are you going to do differently this year?

I want you to take some time and examine your current situation and ask a tough question. That question is “Why?” Why am I in this situation? What behaviors, habits, and events have worked together to land me into my current situation – be it good or bad?

Straight answers work best here, even if it’s not what you want to hear or admit. I’ll give you a little peak into a few of these “self chats” I’ve had with myself. I put everything on paper or into files on my PC, so I can always go back and find my habits. Here’s one from a few years back:

Negative habits:

– Too many activities going at once

– Find it difficult to say ‘no’ to new ventures

– Organization of files

– Too much time spent online

– Checking and responding to non-critical emails

– Work too many hours

Those were the negatives I found in myself. I’m sure this is by no means a conclusive list. haha – But I had to come to terms with the fact that those seemingly small issues were working together to limit my income and productivity. Here were the positives I came up with:

– Take action quickly

– Not afraid of cold calls or prospecting

– Creative with marketing and sales approach

– Proficient with online marketing

– Straight forward with prospects

Now I had to find a way to enhance my positives and minimize my negatives. Of course when doing this exercise I expanded on each item so that all the facts were on the table staring me in the face. Once you’ve identified your positives and negatives, you will be better equipped to structure your marketing plan for 10.

It is of vital importance that your plan for 10 addresses your negative attributes/habits or else you’ll simply repeat 09 as the same mistakes are made over and over again. Been there done that…

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